10 Curly hair tips, for better curls

Effective ways to show your curly hair some love

Love your curls but dread the maintenance? Or maybe your curls haven’t been ‘popping’, lately they’ve appeared dry, brittle and refuse to retain that perfectly defined halo shape you love so much. 

Curly hair is beautiful, like all other hair types, but it can be a challenge to maintain: the frizz, the knots, the various curl patterns to deal with can have you screaming for the hills. Well sometimes your curls are just in need of some love and we’ve got you! Here are 10 simple yet effective ways to show your curly hair some love and maintain your curls.


Moisture is everything!

Your curls are always going to be parched for moisture, so investing in quality moisturizing products is imperative to the health of your curls. 

Moisture is very important to your strands, if your hair is low on moisture your hair will most likely become dry and fragile. You also want to ensure there’s a good balance of protein and moisture, if your hair has higher protein levels and low moisture levels you risk having a lot of broken strands, because your hair will be too dry. 

If there’s too much moisture and too little protein in your hair, it becomes very stretchy and shreds apart very easily, however, if your strands are more coily or kinky then your hair may require a lot more moisture than protein. 

The intent is for you to get to know your own hair and find that balance. Another thing to remember is that water is your hair’s friend, not only should you be drinking lots of water to help moisturize your hair from the inside out, you also need to use it to hydrate your hair from the outside and help to seal in those natural oils and raise moisture balance. As a guide when seeking to find products to moisturize your hair, look for products that are made with a water base.


Love your frizz!

Having frizz comes with the territory of having naturally curly hair and that’s not a bad thing. The most important thing is to try and love your frizz because it will happen. In fact I bet some of your greatest compliments probably came from what you thought was a frizzy bad hair day and not the days you spent all morning grooming and styling those curls into perfection. 

Now, if your entire hair is a ball of frizz with no definition, despite having just done your hair then that is a problem you may need to investigate, and you may want to refer to tip one. Even so, a little craziness is expected if your curls are three to four days old and you aren’t shampooing your hair daily. 

So while you try to minimize the amount of frizz, learn to embrace and rock it with confidence.


Do not go to bed with wet hair

You just got in from a long day and got straight in the shower, squeezed a bit of that sweet smelling shampoo in your palms and lathered your tresses, nothing melts away the stresses of the day quite like feeling that warm water massaging away at your scalp. Now it’s time for bed and you plop down to sleep with a head of wet hair! 

Now that is a curly hair violation, if you have curly hair what will likely to happen to you when you wake up, is that your strands will be tightly matted and knotted together in some areas. If you have a tendency to wash your hair in the nights, it is highly recommended that you put your hair in a high ponytail or bun to prevent the ends from rubbing. Or if you have time, put your hair in a few ‘plats’ or twists, these methods will minimize friction throughout the night and will save you a headache in the morning.


Put your hair in a pineapple

Pineapples are healthy to eat and good for your hair, well the technique that is. If you want your curls, twist outs or wash n go’s to last longer, this technique is the go to method to preserve them before going off to bed. 

The method is named after the fruit because it resembles the shape of a pineapple. You achieve the technique by simply getting a hair tie or an elastic headband, bring all your hair up on top of your head and hold it in place with the hair tie or headband wrapped around your hair once or twice. This helps to maintain and preserve those curls during the night, whether it be from your wash n’ go or twist outs and is also comfortable to sleep in. In the morning you take down the hair tie, shake your hair, position your curls and you’re ready to go.


Get volume and definition

If you want to retain body or create body when adding product to your hair, yet still keep neat defined curls, apply the product you’re using to the shaft and mid shaft of your hair. When applying the product, you want to clasps your hands in a praying motion and move it along the length of the hair you want to apply the product to. This trick helps to keep your curls intact and allows you to build body where you want it. You also want to add a bit of moisture around your hairline to give you that clean, neat ‘just done’ defined look without minimizing volume.


Separate curls for more fullness

If you have thinner hair or you just want more fullness, because hey, who doesn’t want more voluminous curls for that full look, this method is for you. 

Start by gently separating each curl, the trick to loosening your curls without creating too much frizz, is to lightly feel on your hair and find where each clump of hair naturally wants to separate. 

When doing this be very gentle and try not to yank the curls apart, this will allow you to lose definition and create frizz. Once you’re through with that, if you desire  even more volume you can use a hair pick comb to gently fluff at the root, you do not need to pull the hair pick comb all through the length of your hair, only at the root. 

This technique can take your hair from flat to voluminous in no time.


Sleep on satin or silk

Dry hair breaks, the healthier your hair, the less likely it is to break. One culprit that is known to be contributing to unhealthy hair, by stripping moisture, is the material of your bed sheets and pillowcases. Various materials like cotton are known for their absorbent properties, so it’s no surprise that if you are sleeping on materials like that, you’re losing moisture from your hair. To help maintain moisture in your hair while you rest, try to switch to a satin or silk bed set or pillowcase. These materials are made from moisture repellent fabrics, meaning it’s not as absorbent as cotton and will not strip your hair of the moisture it needs.


Know when it’s time for a trim

Trimming the ends of your hair periodically or as recommended, every three months, is essential to growth and the overall condition of your hair. If you’re discovering knots and small balls of hair at the ends then you’re long overdue for a trim. Snagging or snatching those little knots will only be creating more breakage that leads to more split ends which can travel up the shaft of your hair causing even more damage. Those knots are slight indicators to the health of your hair and in that state having defined neat curls will almost seem impossible, get those ends trimmed and monitor your hair diligently. 


Hair bleaching products can damage your hair

Going too light or using tons of bleach to achieve a certain color can lead to serious hair damage and loosen your curl pattern. Pay close attention to the chemicals used in hair bleaching products and assess whether or not you’re over-bleaching your hair. However, if you do plan on bleaching and adding color, you will need to ensure that you are strengthening and trying to maintain the health of the hair.


Detangle from the ends up

How you detangle your hair matters, this goes for all different hair types, always detangle your hair starting from the ends and move upwards gently. Yanking a brush from the root to the ends will rip strands of hair from the root and create lots of breakage, no one wants that. It’s ok to slow down, be gentle and comb or brush your hair the right way if you want to have a healthy head of gorgeous curls.

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