10 Things you should know before buying a Siberian Husky!

Notorious for their intense eyes and wolf like appearance, Siberian huskies are stunning dogs.

There’s no mistaking a Siberian husky when you see one, their physical attributes makes them some of the most sought-after breed... not only are they visually stunning, they are intelligent and very strong-willed. 

Now, while they may sound like the ideal dog companion, it is only fair that before purchasing or adopting, you know a few facts about them. This will ensure that there’s an understanding about how these dogs operate and to know if they are the right match for you.

So if you’re a new owner of one of these awesome dogs, or maybe you’re looking to get one really soon, here are 10 facts you need to know about them.


1. They need lots of exercise

Siberian huskies are a very active breed that requires a lot of outside activities. Long walks at least once per day or more will help them expel all of that energy.

If your husky is not given regular exercise you will be in some trouble. A restless husky will constantly howl, gnaw and scratch your couch, bed or anything they can get their paws and mouth on.

So it’s important that they get adequate exercise to prevent them from getting in trouble. 


2. Huskies are pack animals

These dogs are prone to separation anxiety, and this must be considered before purchasing.

Huskies do not like to be alone, they are pack animals by nature. If you have the means to provide them with a companion, whether it be another husky or other dogs, this would be ideal. 

However, there’s nothing wrong if you have only one especially if that pup was a rescue. But you do need to pay attention to see if they are displaying needs for a playmate, or even a partner.


3. Huskies nap in strange positions

Huskies are very creative with their sleeping positions, they think it and they do it! They will be sleeping on their back with paws in the air in an ‘S’ shape, and many other crazy positions. You’ll be thoroughly entertained and puzzled watching your husky sleep.


4. Chewing is one of their favorite things

Huskies love to chew, it’s one of their favorite pastimes. If they are super bored, not playing enough or have not gotten their exercise for the day, they will be chewing on something. That means you will have to invest in a few durable chewing toys.


5. Huskies do not like to be alone

As was mentioned earlier, huskies are pack animals and dislike being left alone. These dogs will experience some type of isolation anxiety when you leave… especially if you are their alpha. 

This can present itself in many problematic ways, like coming home to a wrecked house or a complaining neighbor. However they can be trained to deal with issues of being left alone, which is different from separation anxiety.

If you’re a competent alpha then you can train your dog to be comfortable in most situations, if not, you can get a good dog trainer, so no need to worry. 


6. Huskies are a “chatty” set

These dogs can be extremely noisy as they are very vocal about their needs. If you choose to have multiple huskies, brace for a whole lot of noise. 

While they don't bark a lot, they do howl quite often, or even try to talk back to you if you’re communicating with them.

This can be super funny or extremely annoying to some owners. If this will be an issue for you, you can opt to get them trained by a professional to help minimize their talking.


7. Their appearance can be intimidating 

Huskies can be very intimidating to other dogs, especially when you’re in the process of trying to make them sociable, which is vital.

It’s wiser to them get socialized young to help them with their temperament. While husky lovers find them very stunning, other dogs may be a little scared and uncomfortable around them, perhaps due to their wolf like appearance. 

Having supervision during the initial stages of socialization will help other dogs feel a bit more comfortable, and that there's a level of respect for both dogs and dog owners.


8. Huskies are really intelligent

Huskies are known to be some of the smartest dogs worldwide... they are very sharp and very aware creatures, which means they do catch on to learning tricks very quickly.


9. They are fiercely independent

Not only are huskies intelligent they are also fiercely independent. They will care about what their owner wants, but they also care about what they want, which makes training them a tad bit more challenging.

Huskies will want to do their own thing, and will make an effort to do so. 

Consistency is  key with these dogs, if you were to take it back to when they were pulling sleds, they were not told what to do, they would use their own intelligence to locate the destination. So while they are viewed as stubborn and it can be frustrating for owners, it’s just that they are an independent breed and like to make their own decisions, it’s in their nature.


10. Huskies can live with cats

While we know the history of cats and dogs living together, huskies and cats can peacefully coexist. However, the proper steps and precautions must be taken initially to ensure the safety of both pets. 

Huskies can be a bit crazy and cats tend to have a calmer temperament, so it will take time and patience to have your cat and husky acclimated to becoming best buds.

Siberian huskies are great dogs and amazing companions for the right owner, with a little patience, consistency you will have an entertaining, strong-willed yet loving dog. 

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