10 Unique Ways to Use Essential Oils You Never Thought About

Tips on how to use essential oils in your daily routine to promote overall health

Essential oils are great for many reasons, and is the main key in aromatherapy with no damaging effects. Using essential oils daily can help to improve your quality of life by increasing patience, productivity, focus, relaxation, love… you name it and there’s an oil for it, along with  a variety of ways to use them. 

Your olfactory sense is the most powerful when we’re talking about bringing up memories and emotions, even subconscious memories and feelings can be triggered by a known scent. 

The main way to use essential oils is with a diffuser, try to get one with a bluetooth speaker to enhance the effects with matching music, like calming music to relax or a pumped up music to get you excited and full of energy. 

Just take extra care if you have dogs, because some oils might be toxic, like tea tree oil, so ensure you check first if it is okay for your pets, every time you try a new oil!


What is aromatherapy?

The first thing you need to know is that using essential oils can be a powerful therapy. Essential oils are made with natural compounds like flowers, herbs, fruits and roots to send messages to your brain. Those messages will trigger emotions, so basically aromatherapy is like “hacking “ your brain to induce the desired emotions you want and controlling your own mood. 

This is great if you’re struggling with anxiety and insomnia, for instance: you can create in your room a calm, relaxing atmosphere before you sleep; or if you’re feeling sad, just put your favorite tune on and get the right scent to cheer you up. 

Here are a list of 10 different ways you can use essential oils as a part of your daily routine:


1. Energy shower

Start your day with energy and wake yourself up with the powerful smell of peppermint oil! Get a few drops on the bottom of your shower and the heat will activate the peppermint scent, boosting your mental and physical vitality. 

Peppermint is also great for exercises and to relieve fatigue symptoms. It’s also a lovely way to start your mornings! Just take care if you use it on the floor as it is quite slippery .


2. Improve your sleep

Essential oils can help you manifest more and improve your performance throughout the day. Insomnia is directly correlated to happiness, and it is very hard to feel good if you are not sleeping properly. Lavender is a great choice to help combat insomnia, place a few drops in your diffuser and also sprinkle some directly on your pillow to help you have a good night’s rest while calming your mind. Lavender is used by yoga instructors as well, because it eliminates nervous tension and helps to improve your blood circulation, so it is ok to rub some on your feet and legs after a long day, or put some drops in your bathtub.  


3. Relieve muscle pain

Working out is great for the body, but it is also easy to over do it. Whenever you feel your muscles are sore and painful, a mix of wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg is miraculous. 

A few drops on your shoulders or other affected areas, complemented by a good massage to rub in and let it soak into your muscles will relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. It’s a natural alternative for those chemical packed patches or sprays, and it will even give you that great tingling sensation.


4. Skincare

If you haven’t added essential oils into your skincare routine, you don’t know what you’re missing. Even if you have oily skin, these are good oils that will revitalize your skin and make it glow naturally. Get some passion fruit oil also called maracuja, or a blend of rose hip seed oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, geranium, rosemary and rose essential oils. 

Try your favorite oils and check out what works best for you! There are some blends that are made specifically for skincare. Use them at night to let them soak into your skin, and you’ll notice your wrinkles will reduce significantly, and it will help to fight new ones from happening. 

Essential oil acts as antioxidants, they are absorbed by your skin and prevent dehydration, while boosting your collagen levels and making your skin supple but firm. Oh, and it is just out of this world when trying to reduce cellulite, add five drops of grapefruit oil when you’re dry brushing to boost the results.


5. Manifesting

Put on some relaxing or happy music, or even an audio book, whatever you feel like. Listening to affirmations is great for manifesting too. Your aim is to relax and visualize what you want to manifest in your life. The smell will help you get a stronger visualization, and if you use the same smell every time it will get you in that mood very quickly. 

Frankincense is perfect for manifestation and is known as the oil of truth for its spiritual awareness and intuition properties used throughout history for those purposes. Frankincense will bring you a powerful spiritual connection with yourself and the universe thanks to a psychoactive substance called Incensole Acetate, reducing anxiety and lifting your mood for a perfect meditative state of mind. 

You can think about it as a powerful mindfulness trigger with a pleasant, warm and sweet scent that reminds you to break out of the autopilot and get in touch with the universe through awareness. Use it consistently and your brain will remember and associate the smell to open doors, to the spiritual realms and boost your practice. Placing a drop on your third eye (in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyebrows) or on the back of your neck is awesome. 

Orange is also great, bringing happiness and joy. To reduce confusion, go for lemon, and that will bring up a feeling of safety, or use different ones for love or money. Just look up the properties and make your own blends to get in the perfect mindset for what you want to manifest. It is fun, like brewing a magical formula.


6. Cleaning

Essential oils are one of the best known things to detoxify your air, lemon for instance is an antibacterial and tea tree oil is great for fighting off germs, viruses and bacteria. Tea tree oil is very strong, so remember to keep your animals away from it. A good way to use it safely is adding it to your vacuum cleaner and activate it throughout the house while you’re cleaning it. 

Adding it in your washer or in the solution used to clean the bathroom is possible, you can get creative and find methods that works for you.


7. Healing

Each oil has a specific effect, with a little bit of research you can find out the perfect oil for your needs. If you’re feeling a bit ill, there will be some oils that can help to relieve some of the symptoms. Take menstrual cramps for an example: lavender oil in the tub for a relaxing bath will reduce anxiety, increase blood flow and reduce the pain. Rose oil stimulates your hormones, while chamomile reduces anxiety and stress…

If you have a headache, peppermint will assist in relieving the pain. Rub some drops gently on your temples for a cooling sensation, stress reduction and blood flow stimulation. For a stuffy nose, peppermint and eucalyptus oil are very effective. Put it on the mist, or put a few drops right below your nostrils. 

For nausea, motion sickness or if you’re just not feeling well use ginger oil in a diffuser, in your bath or inhale it. If you’re planning a trip on a boat, bus or even a long car ride, grab a cotton ball and pour a few drops on it to take with you.


8. Bug repellent 

Citronella oil is wonderful at keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay, you can either sprinkle it on your patio or porch or maybe put it on your fan… Tea tree oil is also good for that, remember to always watch out and avoid it if you have animals. 

These oils can also be used with creams to relieve itching from bug bites.


9. Hair care

Essential oils are great for hair growth and health. Tea tree oil helps to reduce dandruff, as well as rosemary which helps with flakiness, itchiness and balding prevention. The peppermint oil opens up your pores, stimulates blood flow and reduces lice. Coconut oil is also extraordinary to prevent and reduce split ends!


10. Dealing with anxiety and depression

Last but not least, essential oils are great mood boosters as mentioned previously. The main oils that helps with anxiety and depression are four: bergamot, lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang. Bergamot reduces blood pressure and acts like a natural antidepressant, regulating and balancing your hormones. 

Lavender reduces stress, anxiety and worries, helping you to sleep. Chamomile is often used for teas and have great relaxing properties for both your mind and your body, decreasing the risk of depression. Ylang ylang, finally, regulates your hormones and acts like a mild sedative, promoting calmness, it is a huge help when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to relieve some stress. 

These are but a few of the many roles essential oils can play in your life. Do a bit of reading  and learn about them yourself. It is important to use them if you like the scent, because they can bring both good and bad memories, so if you feel a scent is not bringing you the feeling you wanted, don’t struggle with it. There is always a good alternative. No oil is irreplaceable. 

Use the oils for your overall well being! On your clothes, in your skin care and beauty routines or even DIY products like hand sanitizer, shampoo, playdough, bug spray and many, many other possibilities. Just pay attention because some oils have different dilution levels and may affect your animals. The golden rule is to feel good and have fun while using them!

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