3 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids Outdoor Survival Skills

Why it is important to teach kids basic survival skills

If you’re an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman and you frequently go camping, hiking, hunting or any other outdoor adventures with your children, then you should be teaching them survival skills.

Over the years, there have been incidents where kids or adults get lost somewhere in the forest, wilderness or even in the desert and sometimes the outcome isn’t always favorable. Any card can be dealt at any moment, knowing that your child is equipped with survival knowledge can help to give you some hope if the unexpected were to ever happen. 

Your kids should know about knife safety, have knowledge on how to start a fire, how to build a fire, build a shelter and find water. These are a few main things they should know to help them survive if needed.

So if you were ever uncertain as to why you should teach your children the art of survival, maybe your kids are not the outdoorsy type, or maybe you fear the amount of questions you’ll be asked, here are (3) reasons why you should.


How to introduce survival skills

When introducing survival skills to your kids, it is essential for them to know why it is important for them to learn. Providing them with an understanding of why they are being taught this skill will be important in how they receive and process the information. This is a moment for you to refer to specific scenarios where kids have gotten lost in the woods, where cars have gone over the ravine or broken down in the middle of nowhere, scenarios of people being lost for days in the forest and get them to understand the value of it.


1.  Builds confidence

One of the many benefits of teaching your kids survival skills is that it builds their self confidence. Learning survival skills and being in certain situations will allow them to remain as level headed as they can be, it allows them to assess the situation and figure their way out of it if possible, or knowing how to survive long enough for help to come. 


2.  Develops problem solving skills

Another reason to teach your kids survival skills is because it teaches them how to solve problems. A lot of kids today are not being taught how to solve problems, therefore when they do run into problems they panic, they get frustrated or they get some form of anxiety. 

Some of these issues can be managed or eliminated when they are taught how to think and problem solve when they are confronted. Most kids are confronted with video games which provide them with multiple tries and teaches them some form of problem solving, however, not in the way a survival skill does where they may only get one chance at getting it right in comparison to the game. 

This promotes less value on life when you can just hit restart and jump back in the game. Where in the game of life you may only get one crack at it. If they are taught these skills and they notice that they are lost, the problem solving skills should begin to set in and they can decide when or where to shelter up, build a fire and wait for help, or what signs they need to look for to find water. These are all real life problem solving skills that many kids today do not have.


3.  Keeps them entertained

When you take your kids out to the wilderness it keeps them entertained in a different way as there’s no iPad and no phone. While they are being entertained they are also learning about the forest and the woods, asking questions about the trees around them, the rocks and more.

Allow them to be curious and try to answer as many of their questions as you can instead of being annoyed, this is how they learn. If your kid doesn’t particularly enjoy being outdoors, try to get them outside the house first and allow their interest to develop naturally.

The outdoors can be a cure for a lot of behavioral issues, keeping them indoors on their phone, iPad, watching a ton of movies from several sites affects them in multiple ways. Get them out there in nature where there’s nothing but the sounds of birds, water and more. This helps to reduce stress, anxiety and allows them to form a connection with the outdoors. 

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