4 Simple tips to make your wigs last longer

Maintenance is a must if you want your wigs to look natural and last as long as you need it.

I love my wigs! That’s why I’m always looking for care tips, as maintenance is a must if you want your wigs to look natural and last as long as you need it. To keep the integrity of the wig, proper care is paramount in keeping them as fresh as possible. If you are just getting started into wig wearing or you’re a master of this art, these tips will be perfect for you and can save you a great deal of time and money. 


1. Dry shampoo and conditioner

Keeping wigs clean is an art and depending on the material, you will need different techniques. A synthetic wig, for instance, should not be submerged in water because they tangle too much and lose it’s integrity. 

The solution for that is dry shampooing. You can choose the scent you prefer, herbal scents are really nice. Dry shampoos are great for their convenience: just spray it on the hair and it’s done, it will remove the excess oils and revive the strands, giving your wig a fresh look. Use a dry shampoo whenever you feel your wig is falling flat and have lost its body, giving it a boost of life. 

Seems like taking care of natural hair, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Just spray it on your wig, but remember to take care when you use it on synthetic wigs because some of the products contain a lot of oil. Try to go for a dry, spray conditioner, they are not hard to find. Don’t use it too much of it, just a little and you can run your hands through the hair perfectly well, for a natural, smooth feeling. It also makes because detangling a lot easier especially if you like wavy/straight hair wigs.


2. Detangling

For super curly textured wigs, like Kinky or Afro Wiz, do not use a detangling brush. Use a paddle brush instead, especially if you want a fuller look with more volume. Try to resist the urge of detangling this kind of wigs, or they will soon lose their life. 

Wavy or straight wigs, on the other hand, detangling is a must. A power brush will do the job, starting from the end just like you would do your natural hair, and then go up. You can also spray some conditioner and use a paddle brush for easier detangling. You should do it every time you find your wig is starting to become flat, or the curls are falling apart.


3. Curl, baby, curl!

Freshen up your wig curls with these great tips! Take multiple flexi rods and use them to curl small sections of the hair. Again, just like you would do with your natural hair. Wrap the hair around and dry with the blow dryer. If your wig is synthetic, remember to use medium heat, blow dry the hair only enough to get them to heat up and start to curl. If you use the blow dryer too close to the hair, it can melt or even burn the wig, so watch out for that. 

After a bit of curling, just unravel and blend it the rest of the hair. This is a great way to refresh the curls on your wig. If you don’t like to use a blow dryer, you can boil a cup of hot water, put the rods in the hair like you would do if you were to use a blow dryer but instead dip it in the water. Remember to be extremely careful because you don’t want to burn yourself!  

The blow dryer gets a loose, wavy curl while the boiled water method gives a tighter curl.


4. Proper storing

Last but not least, take care when you are storing your wigs. This is extremely important, if you want your wigs to last. I mean, seriously, take super attention to this tip. You can either store the wig in the original package, or create a new one, just don’t store it carelessly…

It is easy to get caught up with things and just throw your wig off to the side, but try to take care of your wig. If you want to maintain it, you have to put her in her home. Do it every time, and soon it will be automatic. Most of them come with a fine mesh, so all you have to do is put the mesh over your wig and then store your wig in the bag. 

So don’t throw that mesh away, it is very important for your wig! It is the mesh that keeps all the hairs together, and holds the original style. That is why when you open the wig for the first time, the curls are still fresh! With the mesh, the hairs stick to their places and dong to anywhere, keeping it from entangling as well. 

If you follow this simple four steps, your collection will only grow, girl! And I promise you will have many looks in no time. Wigs are so much fun! You can be whoever and whatever you want when wearing them.

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