4 Tips to Help You Plan a Great Children’s Party

How to throw the perfect kiddies party your child will enjoy

Planning a children’s birthday party can be pretty stressful for many parents. It is a once per year celebration where an entire day is dedicated to their little ones. However, while the thought of seeing your child and their friends marvel at all the fancy decorations, toys and food… the planning itself can be time consuming.

There are many things to consider when planning a children’s party, the type of food to serve, the best time and place to have the party, how many kids you should invite and even your budget. 

However, despite the stresses of planning and executing, there are few things you can do to make it much easier and special for you and your child. Here is a list of four things you should consider when planning. 


1.  What is the perfect age to begin birthday parties

This is a question that many parents with young children will often ask, what is the perfect age to begin to have birthday parties for small children? The best response to that is to wait until your child inquires about having a party.

Now some parents will have kids that are not so vocal about what they want and that is ok, if you ask your child and they say they want a party, then go right on ahead. However, it’s best to wait until they request it. If you want to do family parties those are fine but when it comes to a personalized birthday party that your child is going to be really into, wait for them to ask.


2.  How many kids should you invite

When thinking about how many kids you should invite to the birthday party, take a moment and talk to your child, let them dictate or give you an idea of how many kids they want to attend. 

If your child indicates that they only want two people to attend, other than lets say their grandparents etc. listen to them and only invite two. Little ones in particular can get overwhelmed and not all kids want to have a huge group of kids around them. On the other hand, if you do happen to have a child that’s a total extrovert and loves having people around, by all means you can have a big party. 


3.  Splitting a party

There are also a lot of  schools out there that require you to invite the entire class, if this is the case, you may want to consider splitting a party.

You can do this by splitting the party with another parent whose kid’s birthday is around the same time. This could potentially work for some parents, there may be even four or five kids that all have a birthday in the same month, if you are ok with that you could all have a giant party.

This method helps you to minimize spending and the kids can share that birthday party, have fun and all the other kids do not have to worry about attending several different parties.


4.  Time of the party

Another question that is often asked when planning for a kids birthday party is the time of the party. One of the things you need to ask yourself when planning for the party is “do you want to feed the kids”. If you’re planning to feed the kids then you’re going to want to do it over a lunch break which will be from 11 am to about  1pm. 

Two hour parties are great for younger children, so unless your kids are much older or you’re going or doing something special that’s going to take a lot more time… two hour parties leave kids wanting more.

If you do not want to do a big meal, you can plan for a 10am to 12pm time range or you can do the 2pm to 4pm time range. If you get into the 6pm range then you’re going to be expected to give them dinner. The 10am to 12pm time slot, you’re going to be expected to give them something like lunch, but if you want to skip that entirely, go for that 2pm to 4pm range. Most people know that they’re not going to be fed if it begins at 2pm and ends at 4pm.

So those are a few quick tips you can follow the next time you’re planning to have a birthday party for your child. Remember that your child’s input in the planning is important to them enjoying it.

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