5 Decór tips to create your dream home

Looking to do some home revamping? Here are few things to consider to create a stylish home

Decór ideas and inspirations can be pulled from literally anywhere, the print on a couch, a house plant or a painting on a wall can all be inspirational. Once you've found some element of influence there’s Pinterest, YouTube and countless amount of other sources for tips and guidance, but one primary thing to remember... is that you should have fun and not overthink the process. 

Here are a few tips and things to consider when looking to do some home revamping:


1. Be open

The first tip is to be open to new ideas, there are several different ways to do things and you shouldn’t frown upon anything without trying. If you purchase something you really like but it doesn’t fit or work the way you thought it would, be open to trying it elsewhere in your home or in a different area. It may just turn out looking greater in an area you were not expecting it to. 

Be open to new pieces of furniture, artwork or colors even if you don’t think that it is the coolest thing to have, If you want or are intrigued by it, it is cool enough. Don’t bother with other people’s opinion, just do what’s right for yourself, plus returning items can be super annoying. 

Sometimes our ideas of what will not work turns out to be exactly what was needed and ties everything together. If you do this, often you’re going to find different combinations that you wouldn’t think about, but looks awesome. 

The hint here is to not be close minded, move everything around and give them a chance. You will be amazed on how little changes can make your space come alive.


2. Have fun

Allow yourself to feel the energy of the place and decorate it with your own taste. If you ever feel wild and want to move things around… do it! Get weird, weird is good, everyone needs a little weirdness in their lives. 

Maybe you don’t have your own office, but if you get creative with a little corner of your bedroom, it can make a huge difference. It may be the place where you read a book or journal at night, or any other place. The intention is to express yourself, that’s what decoration is all about. You need to feel inspired…

There are many specific styles that are becoming more and more popular, like the heavy use of neutral or earth tones. They are lovely, but you should also try to keep a room where you can express yourself with different things, different colors and more. The golden rule is feeling good about it. Like those old art pieces from the family… they might be worth nothing, but they may carry great sentimental value. 

Make sure you are proud of the things that makes you who you are, and express your personality and allow  yourself to feel creative and inspired.


3. Organization is important

Organization is key, as you get older or as your family grows organization becomes more and more crucial, this should be kept in mind at all times when decorating. You can get pieces of decorations that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, like clear baskets, shelves, cabinets or beautiful boxes. 

If you have a lot of things scattered around, it will take away from the beauty of your decor. If you need to go through a mess every morning just to make yourself a cup of coffee, all your day is going to feel chaotic and messy. However with simple trays to organize the appliances you’re using, it instantly feels a lot more tidy and clean. 

So remember: try new things, have fun, get weird but don’t forget the organization factor. 


4. Decorate to your needs

Design your home and decor to benefit you and your needs and ensure your choices are practical. Sometimes when you’re decorating you can get lost in the process that you don’t realize that everything is just so impractical. Like putting the silverware far away from the dishwasher, if it is near, you’ll have less trouble keeping things tidy, plus it saves time and energy. All of this seems like nothing, but in the long run it really makes sense to decorate and design with practicality in mind. 

A lot of people put the fruit basket on the table, on the other side of the kitchen. When they want to eat or make a smoothie, they have to go all the way to the fruit basket, back and forth. If you think about it, it is not very clever because you’ll waste precious morning minutes doing something you shouldn’t need to. 

When things are visually pleasing, convenient and practical they look even better. Think about making your life easier!


5. Don’t rush 

Last but not least, make sure you take your time, don’t rush to find things to fill up the place with unnecessary items. So what if the dining room is not finished yet? It is better to take your time and do something you love, than to rush and add things you don’t like just because you think you need to. Make sure you care about the stuff you bring into your house! You are the one who’s going to see them every day. 

If you cannot afford everything right away, don’t worry, go piece by piece and make sure you choose quality over quantity, so that things you buy can last longer. 

When moving away, remember to not bring everything. The less you take with you, the easier it will be to move and to decorate your home especially if you are into minimalism. It is easier to keep organized that way and keep your mind clear. Don’t just throw stuff in because you already have them or because you want to fill the spaces. 

Be mindful of what you’re bringing and putting in your home, because it makes a huge difference!

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