5 Things You Should Know About German Shorthaired Pointers

Reasons why German Shorthaired Pointers are a great breed

Dogs are much like ourselves…each one has their own personality and every breed also has a few shared traits. This means anyone can find their perfect companions, no matter what ticks your boxes.

Whether you have an active or a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, there’s a dog out there to meet some of those requirements and bring you a sense of happiness. In this article we’ll list 5 of the best things about owning a German shorthaired pointer.

German shorthaired pointers astheir name suggests, are a German bred breed that is a member of the gun dog family. They are quite active and energetic making them the perfect hunting dogs, however, do not be off-put by their very sporting nature, these dogs are some of the most adorable and great natured companions you could have.

So if you are considering getting yourself one of these very versatile dogs, here are a few things you should know. 


1:  Curious dogs

These goofballs are one of the most curious breeds out there. They will turn everything upside down, and literally anything and everything gets them excited. A simple bee is enough to make them go wild, and off into hunting mode, so be prepared for that and ensure that they are adequately trained, whether on or off the leash.

Their temperament is also fantastic, they are loyal, curious and they never give up which makes them amazing working dogs. While your German shorthaired pointer will go around your backyard for the 1000th time, other dogs will be chilling and sunbathing without a care in the world.


2:  Very energetic

German shorthaired pointers have an abundance of energy, after all they were bred for hunting and they are great at it. Getting them still enough for even a picture, is a major challenge!

They need lots and lots of exercise, and when we say a lot, we mean it! These dogs are always on the go… and when you think they’re getting tired, they start it all over again.They’re always ready to play, run and swim. This is something you will have to plan for as a potential owner, and ensure that your lifestyle will be able to accommodate their frequent need for exercise, not just within a week but in a day.


3:  Good listeners

A combination of curiosity and energy can make a dog very hard to train, however, despite the German shorthaired pointer’s great curiosity, they are also good listeners, making it a bit easier later on.

Because of their need to always be active, in the beginning of training it will be challenging. Like with any dog, it takes time, patience and consistency to ensure that they become great listeners and training becomes easier. 


4:  Very vocal

German shorthaired pointers are also very vocal, they will whine, bark, howl and whine some more. Over time they tend to get a bit more silent and with a bit of training… but they will always be a little chatterbox. Whenever you’re 2 miles away from a place they like, you will know as they will make sure of that.

Their excitement is very visible! While other dogs are just there quietly waiting or chilling around, don't expect your German shorthaired pointer to do the same. 


5:  Extremely affectionate

And this is one of the best parts, they are one of the most affectionate breeds. While they can be a handful their affection and lovable nature makes them a good family dog. 

They love to be around people and they will snuggle and follow you around like a tail, regardless of where you are. If you have a German shorthaired pointer, he will be there right after you, this makes them quite the choice. They can develop bonds with every member of the family overtime, while caution is needed for really young children… they have the tolerance to handle the unexpected affection from children, whether it be in the form of hugs or being climbed on.

German shorthaired pointers have such a distinct and adorable goofiness.. It shows in their walk, pointing, and untamable curiosity. They aren’t the easiest dogs… but they sure are a bucket load of fun and love! So if you have the ability to ensure that they are both mentally and physically exercised, then you’ll enjoy being the owner of one of these amazing dogs.

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