We all need and deserve to take care of ourselves. When we feel our best, we shine and we’re able to show up in the best way possible!

With the right routines, you can feel better and look better, keeping your health in the long run. It will not be the same for everyone, but something we all have in common is that we all need and deserve to take care of ourselves.

When we feel our best, we shine and we’re able to show up in the best way possible and life gets better because everyone notices that you are exuding a good, healthy aura of wellness. Here are 7 habits to develop on your pursuit to a happier and healthier you.



The first daily care habit is very simple: go for a walk. Going for a walk regularly is very easy to do, it doesn’t cost a penny and it always feels good. It's like a moving meditation, especially if you can walk on nature, by a body of water or near a forest park. If you can walk a few minutes barefoot on the grass, it is even better! Put your headphones on, listen to good music and just let it flow. Or maybe listening to the sounds of nature, or even the city, is a fantastic way to calm our mind and bodies.



Put your phone away and turn off the TV while you’re eating! Pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Digestion starts on the chewing, and if we’re distracted, we either don’t enjoy our food, don’t chew it right or eat too fast and overeat. When we are present with the food that is in front of us, we enjoy ourselves and other people we’re with a lot more. 



Often when we are getting ready for bed, we tend to do it quickly and that is not very good. We wash our face fast, and if we’re wearing makeup we just remove it in a hurry. Then, we brush our teeth very quickly and hop into bed. Maybe we do that because we think those things are boring, or tedious, and we just want to get them over it.

But if we take a few minutes to enjoy ourselves and pay attention to what we are doing, it can be very relaxing and calming. It will even help us to sleep better!  I love to take a hot cloth and let it rest over my face, so I can thoroughly remove my makeup. Applying my favorite moisturizing oils is like a ritual, and it feels awesome.

You don’t have to take long, just a few minutes to pamper yourself a little and feel good. Just five or ten minutes will do the trick. Make this a time for yourself, relax, floss and brush your teeth calmly, and enjoy the process instead of rushing through it like it is just an obligation.



Take timeout for yourself even if you have a ton of responsibilities and a very busy day. If you take out some time for yourself you’re going to notice that you will be more productive and happy. Carve that time out and make it work! Reflect about what feels good for you, even if it is just 15 minutes of reading or meditating. Do the things you love, and you’ll love the things you have to do way more. 

Maybe a hot cup of tea or running a hot bath, talking to a friend for a good conversation or having a good laugh. Get creative! Or maybe just do nothing. Just stop for a moment… we all deserve that.



Eat your greens every day! You should have your greens in at least one meal. They are a fantastic source of chlorophyll, that is wonderful for our digestive tract. Greens are also a great way to ingest minerals like magnesium and calcium, both of which are important to our metabolism. 

Have some fun, make a spring mix with two different  kinds of lettuce or kale, spinach, broccoli, celery, arugula… try to keep it from being boring. If you eat out and you really can’t have greens for lunch or dinner, just start the day with a smoothie that will nurture both your mind and your body. Mix it up with a banana, mango, pineapple, berries or lime juice. Get creative! You won’t even notice the taste.  

Another way to do it is by sautéing some greens with eggs, like a scrambled egg or an omelet, or even boiled eggs. For lunch, a good old classic salad is awesome, but watch out for sauces and gravy because they tend to be fatty and rich in calories. Soups and stews make a delicious dinner option. 

Stir fry greens into a pasta sauce, like collard greens or kale with spaghetti sauce… it’s delicious. For a snack, you can even get wild with some Kale chips! Toast them in the oven, they are very easy to make and yummy.



Learn how to say no and create boundaries for yourself. We’re often stressed, not because of the amount of time we’re working, but because of the lack of time for ourselves. When we don’t identify ourselves with what we’re living, we get uncomfortable and that leads to stress. 

Honor your choices, be bold and don’t accept things that you don’t want to. Taking on too much responsibility or letting people taking advantage of you is not as rewarding as it may sound. Be assertive and respectful, and you will be able to set those healthy boundaries.



Stimulate your brain! When we think about self care, we often think about slowing down and doing less. But doing complex things you want to do is awesome for brain stimulation, like learning something new, watching an interesting documentary or reading that awesome book or article. Even studying can be relaxing, if you like the subject!  A good, intelligent conversation can boost your spirits. Taking a different route to work, walking through a different neighborhood, seeing new things. 

That way, we can allow ourselves to be free of that feeling of being stuck in the same routine, from the dullness of everyday life. That way we support our brain activity and health, boosting our cognitive functions and having more mental acuity and a better mood. 

You will notice that you will think better and sharper when you stimulate your brain with something that challenges you, because that creates new neurological pathways in our brains, which is super fascinating.

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