7 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Home a Husky Puppy

How to prepare mentally and physically for a Siberian Husky puppy

Huskies make great best friends and are some of the most adorable and visually stunning dogs, so why wouldn’t anyone want to get one? Well, the truth is huskies take a lot of time, dedication and are a big responsibility.

Raising a Siberian husky and training it into adult years is an entirely different situation from getting one that’s already trained. Bringing home a husky puppy will be a wild, long and arduous ride. But If you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to get one of these beautiful pups, here are some of the things that you should be pre-warned about before committing. 

One thing you should keep in mind at all times is that some things in your life are about to change, husky puppies have no idea of the concept of time. If you like sleep, be prepared as you are about to lose a lot of it. For the first two to three months after getting your pup, you’re not going to have a regular sleeping schedule and that’s something you need to get used to.

If you do not have a schedule in your life where you’re able to spend the majority of your day with your husky puppy, it is not recommended that you get one. If you’re in the middle of trying to get that big promotion or there’s something big going on in your life and you do not have the time to spend with them on a regular basis, a husky puppy may be too big of a bite for you to chew. Even if you do have the time and you feel like you are responsible enough, it is still going to be a test to your patience and your mental ability to deal with these doggos on a regular basis.

So if you are really ready, here is a list of things you should expect and prepare for when getting a Siberian husky puppy


1.  Sleep schedule interrupted

As mentioned before, whenever you get these amazing dogs you’re going to be losing sleep, a lot of it! Siberian husky puppies are up all night for most of the time and what they tend to do like most dogs, is that they’re up for a few hours, then they’ll take a nap for another few hours, then they’re up again for another few hours and they repeat this process several times throughout the day, as well as the night. So when you are trying to get some shut-eye at the regular hours you usually do, your husky is going to be up and chances are they are going to be getting into a whole bunch of trouble pooping, peeing or chewing on something that they’re not supposed to. This is where your ability to get a good night’s rest is basically destroyed over a two to three month period.

However, after three months your husky will start to know what nighttime is, they will begin to get used to the routine that their owner starts going to sleep at a certain time every night, and they will begin to wake up at a certain time every morning.


2.  Uses the bathroom every two hours

Huskies also have to go out every two to four hours when they’re a puppy, if they are around 8-weeks old, they’re probably going to have to go outside every two hours. That means you will have to wake up from that precious sleep that you’re having and take them out.

You’re going to feel like you do not have to or want to do it, but you must. A lot of husky owners fail when it comes to dog training, training your dog when they are young is the best time to do so. It is a little similar as raising a kid, whenever your kid is little that’s the best time for them to learn all the things like crawling, walking and all the different things that they do when they’re a baby. 

This is the perfect stage to try and get in as many lessons as you can when they’re young, and that is why it’s important to take them out every two hours especially when it’s the middle of the night. If you just put out a pee pad and think that they’ll just use it and you can continue sleeping, your Siberian husky is not going to be well trained and you will have problems that will carry over into the future.


3.  Your focus must remain on your husky at all times 

Whenever you come home with a husky puppy and you put them on the ground and let them go free through your house, running around all over and getting used to their brand new surroundings, while very adorable to watch, it is not a smart move to make.

One thing you may not realize is that when you bring that husky puppy home, you have to keep your eyes on that puppy all the time, 24 hours. This may be especially challenging for many husky owners, it is mentally exhausting keeping an eye on your husky all the time. 

There are many reasons why you have to constantly keep an eye on your husky: they get into trouble often and they do not know what is and what’s not dangerous. A lot of people will have cords around their home just plugged into the wall, and if your husky bites on a cord they may get shocked. Husky puppies may also put their head into something and get stuck, there are so many different things and ways your husky could get hurt if they do the wrong thing for even two seconds.

It is not strange to bring your husky home and just follow them around everywhere that they go, and be super concerned about what’s going on. 


4.  Get your puppy some baby gates

It is highly recommended that when you bring a husky puppy home you get some baby gates. This is to keep your husky puppy in an area so that you do not have to run from room to room and make sure that they are okay. You are also using the baby gates to limit the area that they grow up in, they’re basically a dog owner's best friend. 


5.  Keep a close eye on your training

In addition to just worrying about a husky puppy getting into trouble, you have to keep your eyes on them as you’re looking for clues to make sure you’re doing the best training. 

Husky puppies poop and pee all the time and you do not know when they will be doing this. Teaching them self-control requires a lot of due diligence on your part, as you have to monitor your husky at all times to look for the signs of them possibly making a mistake. 

As an example, when training a husky to be potty trained, people often make a mistake by taking their eyes off the dog. If they are not watching, they may go into another room or area that they like and make their mess there, without the owner seeing it happening. When they do notice where their puppy made a mess, they tend to get upset and may want to punish their dog. However, your husky does not know why you are upset, you have to catch your dog in the act in order for them to understand exactly why you are mad. So not only do you have to keep an eye on them to make sure that they’re not making a mistake but if they do, you have to pick them up and bring them outside


6.  Watch for sniffing and pacing as signs of "potty time"

If your husky is sniffing around on the ground, pacing, walking around and not relaxing or focussing on a toy, it’s probable that they have to use the potty and these are some of the signs to look for. At this time put them on a leash and take them outside real quickly. 

Husky puppies have to take a potty after they eat, after they play, after a nap… any time a husky puppy basically does an activity, they will need potty time after. This means you are going to be really exhausted as you will want to continue with your daily activities of talking to people, doing laundry, going to work and all your focus will have to be on your husky pup.


.  Get all the necessary equipment and pick a vet

Finally, you have to ensure that you have everything ready for your Siberian husky when they come home. These are all the things that you would normally think about, like leashes and collars, dog bowls, the type of food you want them to eat, finding and choosing a veterinarian in your area.  

There are so many things to start getting ready for whenever you are considering getting a Siberian husky puppy. They are great animals and they become best friends for life, but preparing to get one and going through the process of raising a husky puppy, is no easy task. It is important for you to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared with all those things before bringing home your adorable husky pup, and take on some beautiful but difficult times. However, in the end, you’ll have a wonderfully trained awesome best friend that would basically do anything in the world for you. 

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