8 Basic Hair Growth Tips You May Have Neglected

Basic hair growth tips that no one is really talking about

There are many hair growth tips, techniques and a plethora of hair care products to choose from and use. However, with all these options we forget to talk about some of the basic ways to care for our hair.

These are methods you may already know, used in the past, but have not made them a serious part of your hair care regimen. Now is the perfect time to evaluate and reintroduce them and be consistent.

Here are 8 basic hair care methods that you should use to help jump start your hair growth. These tips have been divided into morning and night to help you categorize what works best for night time care and daytime care.



1.  Drink water

We all know the many benefits of water, it’s not just imperative for the health of our internal organs, it’s important for having healthy skin and that also includes your hair.

Water needs to be a key part of your hair’s health, if you’re not a big water drinker or struggle to drink the recommended amount, you have to find ways to ensure that you are doing so. One of those methods is to purchase one of those large water bottles with the measurements on them to help you remain disciplined. Having a large water bottle takes away from having to constantly refill whenever you need a sip. 

Dehydration is one of the top reasons your hair may not be growing, it’s like plants, you have to water the soil while providing other nutrients for it to grow, your hair is similar. You have to water the roots from the inside and out so that your hair follicles can grow. Dry hair does not grow and breaks off, that’s why it’s important to drink enough water. 

Your hair is the last thing to get any nutrients from what you eat or drink, all of the nutrients will go firstly to your major organs like your heart. So if you're not drinking enough then you’re doing a major disservice to the health of your hair. 

So how much water should you drink to ensure that your hair is getting enough? It is generally recommended that you drink about 2 liters of water per day, this should be enough for you to see a difference in your hair.

Start by drinking water in the mornings as you wake up, and continue to take big sips of water throughout the entire day, this will ensure that you drink the required amount. Drinking water in the morning and throughout the day will also prevent you from getting up constantly throughout the night to use the bathroom.


2.  Supplements

Do your research and try to find the best supplements for your needs. Some people will definitely need to include multivitamins as a part of their hare care routine, this could be for several reasons, plus multivitamins are also good for women. 

There are many hair supplements that are perfect for hair growth like collagen supplements. Collagen supplements are great because of the amino acids in them which are responsible for creating keratin, keratin is the protein that hair is made up of. You can take these in the morning to jump start your day. 

You can also explore with other organic products such as spirulina in capsule format. Spirulina is a type of algae that is incredibly good for your overall health and also your hair as it contains a host of nutrients. There’s a reason why you were given vitamins as a kid, and with new developments you can find the healthiest options for you.


3.  Eating eggs

Many of us will consume eggs almost daily, so this is a very basic tip. Eggs are a major source of biotin, especially the yolk, this is the part that has the nutrients for your hair. You can have eggs anytime of the day they are that flexible, however, it’s mostly consumed in the mornings. So try to add eggs to your diet and be consistent with it, you can have them scrambled, fried and more.

As a warning, if you do have high cholesterol then you definitely want to proceed with caution.


4.  Scrunchies

Another morning tip or morning styling tip is to go back to wearing scrunchies, preferably the satin ones. Not only are they great visually, they are great for holding your hair and not pulling on your strands.

Because of the elastic inside, you can wear them comfortably without putting strain on your edges. Pulling your hair tightly can damage your edges and break your hair off, which will hinder growth.

Scrunchies are very flexible for high buns, low buns and so much more, you can even safely wrap your hair around the scrunchy to get your hair out of the way, when starting your day.


Here are a few basic things you can do before bed to help your hair grow as well:


5.  Nourishing products

Your skin repairs itself when sleeping, so it’s a good practice to use your castor oils or other hair nourishing products and massage it on your hair and scalp before going to bed. All you have to do after is to put on your satin cap and allow your hair and scalp to repair itself while you sleep.

When nourishing your hair, try to use products that are healthy, moisturizing and good not only for your hair but also your scalp, which is skin. 


6.  Liquid courage (for hair of course)

There are many liquid hair growth vitamins that you can take before bed that are really good. Because the vitamin is in liquid form, it absorbs into your body and bloodstream a lot faster, this allows you to get the nutrients almost right away. If done consistently with other hair care regimens, you should be able to see a difference within a month or two.  

Some people even think that if you take it during the day then you’ll flush it out a lot faster, than if you were to take it in the night where you aren’t using the bathroom that much. What we do know though, is that the hair supplement industry can be really tricky, it is really important for you to read and get knowledge about what’s in the products you are taking and what nutrients your hair really needs.


7.  Brush your scalp

Another method you should add to your nighttime hair routine is brushing your scalp. Some people believe that brushing your hair makes your hair fallout, but it actually doesn’t. There's a method to how you brush your hair, you have to be very gentle and you have to use the right brush, like a boar bristle brush and brush your scalp in a massage motion. If done correctly, brushing allows the blood to circulate and stimulate hair growth, this is what hair brushing does, it’s like taking your scalp to the gym. 


8.  Invest in satin

When it comes to your hair and face, you definitely want to invest in satin, this can be in the form of a pillowcase, hair bonnet, scrunchy and even hair scarfs. Satin material allows your hair to maintain it’s moisture and reduces friction, which leads to hair breakage. Other materials like cotton are highly absorbent and will absorb all the moisture and nutrients from your hair leaving it dry and brittle.

These are super easy and basic things you can do to help keep your healthy and growing. Try to remain as consistent as possible and be patient with your hair, this is how your hair will flourish.

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