If you love pets but live in an apartment, birds are a great option!

If you love pets but live in an apartment, birds are a great option! They are easy to care for and are okay within smaller spaces and after all, a whole apartment is better than a small cage. 

Most birds are small, docile, practical, beautiful and really smart. Some can even utter a few words or rather they reproduce words and are very fun to be with.  

And that’s why I’ll walk you through a few of the best bird options to have in your apartment. 

One thing you must keep in mind when choosing a bird for an apartment is that a few are louder than others. While some may scream all the time, others are a bit more quiet but when they scream, you can feel a chill up and down your spine for they can be extremely loud, compared to their tiny bodies. 


1. Love Bird

They may be a tiny bit noisy, and with a bit of chatter every now and then, but they aren’t as loud as other birds, making them great birds for apartments! They are not great talkers, but might be able to reproduce some noises like microwaves and doorbells. With a lot of practice, they can end up talking a bit. Nevertheless, love birds are not known for their speech abilities.

They are very fun, have lots of personality and are a precious companion. Albeit they are called love birds, you better have just one instead of a pair. Having only one allows a greater bond, but if you find two lovebirds that are living together, please don’t separate them.  

If you treat a lovebird just like you would treat any other parrot, you’ll be amazed on the deep, wonderful bond you can develop. On the “Loud” scale, one being the quietest and five the loudest, these beautiful birds ranges around two.


2. Budgie

Budgies are cute, playful and are great options for apartments. They aren’t known for their great speaking skills but they can have excellent vocabularies. Not much of a talker, so when they do it is fascinating. 

Budgies are very playful and extremely active however they aren’t as destructive as their peers. You need not worry about your budgie chewing up a lot of things around the house. In terms of their loudness budgies are about a one, so no need to worry about disturbing your neighbors.


3. Parrotlet

These are little birds with huge personalities! You can’t go wrong with a parrotlet in your apartment. They are curious and can say a few words or phrases, but they aren’t considered a talkative bird.

Bear in mind they are much more feisty than budgies, so if you have kids go for budgies as parrotlets might be a problem. Remember that every situation is different, every bird is different and every person is different. What works best for you is the golden rule! If you bond with a bird, stick to it. 

To sum it up, they’re amazing companions and they get a one on the loudness scale.


4. Cockatiel

One of the most lovable and charming birds are the cockatiels, they are easy to bond with and are great singers. Cockatiels aren’t the best speakers though, however they’re skilled whistlers and singers with a lot of personality. Look out for a few screams as cockatiels are screamers. 

Their personality is so big, it can take over the whole house. A great choice if you have kids around, very good bonding and socialization skills. These birds develop bonds with other people, so make sure you only leave your cockatiel alone with people after you’ve already bonded with it. 

They are quite popular and can be a two on the loudness scale.


5. Green Cheeked Conure

Smaller and quieter than their fellow conures, the green cheeked conures are the best options for apartments, scoring a two on the loud scale. Some people think of them as little clowns because they are extremely playful and love to do acrobatics. They can be really good for children, especially if well socialized. 

The green cheek conures can learn a few words, but they aren't the most talkative birds. Remember that birds bond to one person very quickly, so if you’ve got a family, put a lot of attention into it or they will engage with another person. They love head scratching and snuggling, making them quite an entertaining and loving house pet.


6. The Pionus 

While they have a high pitched squeak, pionus are considered as very quiet, especially when trained. Interact with them, socialize, play a lot, and they will open up and bond well. 

When these birds are happy, they tend to be pretty quiet and independent. A cuddly bird is great, but having an independent bird that doesn’t mind doing their own thing is quite refreshing. Different than velcro birds and cockatiels, those want to be with you at all times. 

They are great for kids and will socialize with an entire family. Some might get attached to only one person, but the majority will befriend the entire family. This is a great feature since many people take it personally when a bird doesn’t like them. 

These kinds of parrots can learn a few words and even a few phrases, with a cute, little raspy voice. Very different from the African Gray that actually sounds like yourself. They still sound like a bird, after all. Talkative, but with a small vocabulary. 

Their personality is worth it! It’s like having a large parrot in the body of a smaller bird. Acrobatic, independent and affectionate (despite not being very cuddly) with a two on the noise scale when they are trained and refrain from screaming the house down.


7. Mustache Parakeet

Very similar to ringneck parakeets (but much quieter), the mustache parakeets are chill and rarely scream, scoring a two on the loudness scale. They do scream very loudly, however, they won’t do it often. 

If you’re looking for a cuddly bird… keep looking. Not a big fan of head scratches and other pettings, unless some very specific petting techniques that you might need to discover after trial and error. There will be some snuggling, but not as much as other kinds of birds. 

Pay attention to the fact that parakeets are illegal in a few states! Check the state laws before getting one to avoid any kind of problems. 


8. The African Grey

Last but not least, we’ve got the African grey. Some people wouldn’t consider this bird for an apartment, but they are not so bad. Scoring a three on the loudness scale, they might be the highest score on this list but totally worth it.

They will imitate something loud if they hear it, so please don’t pair it with a cockatiel or you will have a big mess. African grey can even learn hammering sounds and whatever other construction sounds they are exposed to, so be prepared because you might end up with a 24/7 construction site inside you own apartment.

They talk and chatter all day long, sprinkled by a few quiet moments. If you need a whole lot of quiet times, stay away from this fellow, they enjoy their vocal practices. While they’re not cuddly, they will cuddle if you teach them to. 

So if you’re interested in getting a bird for your apartment do a bit of research on these birds and chose the best one for your liking.

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