How to Create Marbled Ceramic Tile Coasters

Celebrate any occasion with these simple and creative DIY marbled ceramic tile coasters

Hello, arts and crafts lovers!

Whether you’re prepping for the holidays, celebrating a birthday, whatever the occasion or season may be, you can make your family and guests feel super special with these DIY, marbled ceramic tile coasters.

Coasters are great for protecting your table from those pesky moisture marks, that can really damage your furniture overtime.

Why let that happen when you can create your own personal, yet artsy marbled coasters? All you need to do is grab a few basic white ceramic tiles from one of your local hardware stores, for as low as 18 cents and get creative.

So if you’re ready to have some fun, let's get into it!


Materials needed:

Ceramic Tiles

Sharpie Pens

+70% Rubbing Alcohol


Paper Towels



Hot Glue

Clear Acrylic Spray or Finishing Glue

Paint Brush

Rubber Feet (Optional)


1. Add color

The first thing that you want to do is to place your tile on a piece of paper, and with your sharpie pens, color the four edges of the tile.


Now it’s time to get even more creative. Using as many colors as you’d like, the more the merrier, draw and create any kind of pattern you want on the tile.


2. Rubbing alcohol

Once you’re satisfied with your design, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol in a container and grab your pipette.

The ideal rubbing alcohol to use in this activity is 91% rubbing alcohol, if you do not have this at your disposal, 70% rubbing alcohol will do the job.

You will then need to place your pipette in the alcohol and squeeze the top to get the alcohol into the pipette. Place the pipette over the areas of the tile that are covered with the sharpie, and gently squeeze the top to release the alcohol onto the tile.

You have the choice to do it methodically or just dump it all over randomly, the outcome will be different but both are still pretty cool. The alcohol will break down the colors to give you a beautiful, delicate finishing.


3. Dry the tile

The next step is for you to dry the tiles. You have two options for drying depending on your time and patience.

You can choose to allow it to air dry indoors for a couple of hours... on a dull day, this can take between 6 to 7 hours, or for about two hours or less under direct sunlight, until it’s 100% solid.

As a warning, while this next drying method is super fun! It should only be done by adults. You need to also ensure it’s not being done near anything flammable.


In this method you will place the tile on a cookie sheet and burn off the alcohol. This is done by simply using a fire lighter and adding fire to the tile. This will cure your tile really quickly through the process of burning away the alcohol. Using this method however has a different finishing effect than if you were to dry it normally, nonetheless still very cool.


4. Personalize the tile

Once your tile is dried solid, you’re now ready for the next step.

Your tile at this stage is quite flexible, you can choose to add a second design to it and repeat the process of adding alcohol, or you can personalize it for that special touch.

You can add your initials, family initials, monograms, encouraging words, drawings and a lot more!

You can be as creative as you want at this stage, depending on your needs.


5. Cover the base

The aim of a coaster is to protect your tables and other surfaces from water marks, however your DIY tile coasters should also not create any dents and scratches.

To protect your furniture, you will need to add a backing to the back of the tile.

You can use pre-made adhesive rubber feet, which can be purchased online or at retail stores, or you can use a piece of felt.


To add the felt to the tile, place the tile on the material and use your sharpie to trace around the edges of the tile. Take your scissors and cut inside of the lines you drew on the felt... take care to not cut your table.

 Once that is done, flip your tile over and apply glue to the back using your glue gun, and then carefully add your felt


6. Sealing

To add a bit of shine and protection to complete your coasters, apply some clear acrylic or gloss coating to make them impermeable, safe and clean even with warm or cold beverages.


You can also use water-proof sealants as well, just simply apply one good coating on top and you’re good to go.

Allow it to dry, and voilà you’re all done!

This is a simple, yet fun activity to do with many possibilities, you too can try new designs and techniques to have your own exclusive marble tile coasters!

Want them bigger? No problem at all! Go for it. You can also use them to decorate your house, hang on your walls with cute drawings, messages or both. You can make trivets, tiles, coasters… whatever you want.

But whatever you do… don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

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