How to Grow Your Hair Using Grandma’s Old School Secrets

5 Conventional and unconventional hair growth secrets from grandmas

Ah, the journey of natural hair… from getting our hair laid straight with a hot comb, to the hits and misses of learning how to skillfully handle, and manipulate our hair into submission.

From our mothers to our grandmothers, the topic of hair has often been quite a turbulent one. Often misunderstood and mishandled, this left our hair broken, battered and latent. For many of us with relaxed or natural hair, it took us years to understand that the pathway to longer and healthier hair was always rooted in understanding it. 

However, despite some of the generational mishaps, they didn’t always get it wrong… Some of our grandmothers got it so right! With all their experiences, experiments and wisdom they discovered some of the greatest ways to help grow and keep a head full of healthy hair.

These secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, some of you may have heard of a few and some of you may not. Either way, let’s travel back in time to revisit some of those hair secrets that they used, and add them to our hair care routine. 

Here are 5 timeless hair secrets from grandmas that actually work.


1:  Use wooden combs

The first secret is to use a wooden comb, apparently a wooden comb is much better than a regular comb because they are much softer, and are able to distribute oil better. Now because they are able to disperse oil better, it keeps your hair from drying out, leaving it moisturized for a longer period.


2:  Clean your hot tools with apple cider vinegar

If you notice dirt or oil buildup on any of your hot tools, this may be the solution for you. You do not want to be using your tools with all that grime and applying it back to your clean hair, weighing it down and clogging up your scalp. To clean your equipment get a washcloth and apply some apple cider vinegar, and then wipe your tools off. It is safe to use so you do not worry about damaging them, do this once or twice per month depending on how much you use those tools.


3:  Coconut oil is everything

Everybody and their grandma will recommend coconut oil at some point on your hair growth journey, as there are many benefits and uses of this multifaceted item. However, while it is highly endorsed, it does not work for everybody. This is one of those secrets that you will have to test for yourself and if it does not work for your hair, you can always use it for a face and body moisturizer. You can even use it to grow and condition your eyelashes or remove your eye makeup.


4:  Grease and oil your scalp

Greasing your scalp growing up almost felt like a rites of passage, there was no styling of hair without saturating your scalp with grease. There were a plethora of options your mom and grandma would use, from Blue Magic, Softee, Dax, Ultra Sheen to strong smelling Sulfur 8. 

For most of us though, as we got older this practice got less, it may be due to the fact that these were a bit heavier than oils. However, with the right grease it may just be the time to revisit this one as it has and still work wonders.

In addition to greasing your scalp, a lot of grandmas recommended that you brush your hair a hundred times after you add your oils, to distribute the oils better. However, while brushing is good for oil distribution and stimulating your scalp, which leads to circulation and hair growth... over excessive brushing, not knowing how to brush your hair properly, coupled with the wrong brush can cause damage.

So ensure that you invest in a proper hair brush, that will not snag and break your hair off, and get brushing.


5:  Trim ends on a full moon

Well this one may seem a bit odd with some type of superstition attached to it, maybe you’ve heard of it or not. But the story goes, if you trim your hair on a full moon your hair will grow and grow thicker as well. Some people and cultures believe that the moon regulates hair, and you’re supposed to cut your hair during the moon’s waxing phase, which is when it’s getting bigger and it’s growing into a full moon. 

It is said if you cut it during that period, up until it’s a full moon your hair will grow and flourish. There may be some science to this one, just the same as the moon affects the tide and seasons may affect your hair growth, there could be some connection. 

There you have, this concludes our conventional and not so conventional old school hair growth secrets, give them a go and leave a comment to share your journey and any other growth ‘secrets’ you’d like to share.

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