How to Train Your Siberian Husky to Do Any Trick

3 Tips on how to train your husky to perform any trick, fast and easy

When you own a Siberian husky, one thing to always remember is that you have the responsibility to train them. Training a Siberian husky or any dog is always a great thing to do, this is because it ensures that they remain safe and that others around them are also safe. However, training your dog can be quite challenging and time consuming. It takes a lot of practice, time and patience. Nevertheless, if you put in the love and the time, you’ll be able to get a lot from it. 


Teaching your dog or husky to do tricks are super important, not only is it imperative for your husky to listen to your commands, but having them learn a few tricks is good for exercising their brain, and getting their mind working a little bit. So whenever you’re bored at home and your dog is just laying around, it’s always a good idea to get their attention and do a little practice.

Now it may look easy and simple for some husky owners... but that’s because they have taken the time to train their dog. So while you may not get the same response from your husky, don’t worry too much, with a little patience and consistency that will be you in due time.

Here are a few top tips and tricks you should implement daily, to train your husky to listen to your commands more effectively and often. This will allow them to learn tricks in a matter of moments.


Finding a high value treat

If you’re a Siberian husky owner then you know that they are incredibly stubborn. This means getting them to pay attention or listen to your simple commands, can be a huge challenge. Even with a variety of different treats like jerky, may not be enticing enough. 

The key is to hack into your huskies mind, so instead of thinking that this is a dog, think of it like a computer program and start to think of how you can hack their brain. What you're trying to do is to trick them into thinking that they should start to listen to their owner. Think of Neo in the ‘Matrix’.

Whenever you’re working with a Siberian husky or other dogs, you’re most likely going to be working with high-value treats, which is basically a dog cookie. Dog biscuits or cookies are a favorite to many dogs, however it may not be the case for all Siberian huskies or dogs. So if your dog is not enticed by cookies, try to find something super delicious like turkey or chicken from the deli.

Dogs typically tend to react very positively to those types of treats. So if your husky is not listening to you whenever you’re using treats, don’t be discouraged as you may not be using the right treat and that’s important to understand.


1:  Distance between husky and the treat

Once you’ve discovered the treats your dog really loves, one of the most important things in successfully training your husky… is the distance between your dog and the treat. 

The closer your dog is to the treat, the less willing they are to listen to you. However, the farther away they are from the treat, the more willing they are to listen to you. Think of it this way, the closer the treat is to them the more they think they’re going to get it, but the more distance there is, they think that it’s going to go away and they might not get it. This makes them more willing to listen to your commands.

When you’re trying to train Siberian huskies or other dogs, you’re trying to eliminate distractions. Distractions are what causes your dog to not listen to you in the first place. If you have a treat and you’re shoving it in your dog’s face, it’s difficult for them to focus on what you’re asking them to do. Instead, when you’re trying to teach them keep the treat farther away and closer towards your chest.

While treats are a good way to get your dogs to learn how to do tricks, they can also become a distraction while you’re training, when too close. Practice keeping sweet goodies at a distance closer to you and not flailing it in front of their faces which is less effective.

Be aware and notice if your training  is at a dead end and your dog isn’t making any progress…  then take that treat and bring it back a little bit.


2:  Wait 3 to 5 seconds between each command

When training your husky, try not to repeat yourself too often. It is very easy to get aggravated and lose patience when teaching your dog tricks. This can result in you repeating your commands too frequently. 

Whenever you repeat yourself a ‘thousand’ times, it becomes really distracting and hard for your dog to understand what you are asking them to do. It is important to practice waiting about 3 to 5 seconds between each command.

You may ask your husky to sit, but instead they do a spin... all you have to do is wait a few seconds for them to realize the command they were given, and follow through. You do not need to continuously say ‘sit’, just be patient with your dog and they’ll figure it out on their own.

If you give them a few seconds and they don’t do it, or it appears that they are looking for guidance, it’s ok at this point to repeat the command.


3:  Take baby steps when teaching tricks 

Teaching your husky new tricks, one thing you really need to remember, and is one of the biggest mistakes that most people who are trying to train their dogs forget, is that you need to take baby steps.

If you were trying to teach your dog the trick to roll over, you do not start off by laying them on the floor and then expect them to just roll over. You have to take it in small stages, it is important for you to remember that a dog’s brain works like small puzzle pieces.

So if you were trying to teach your dog how to roll over, you need to start by teaching them how to lay down and that would be the very first step. When you’re husky is now laying down, the next step is to guide your husky into laying down fully on their side. Remember at each stage you need to reward your husky and praise them with a “good job”.

Once they know this side position, you then proceed to teaching them how to go from that side to the other side and focus on that for a while,it’s all about the baby steps. Once your husky has those steps down, you then take the entire motion and you apply it in one entire trick.

Teaching your dog how to do tricks or how to listen to your commands effectively, is similar to building a lego set. You literally have to construct it piece by piece, and when you’re finally done… that's when you see the whole thing play out the way you wanted it to. 

Keep in mind when you’re teaching your husky new tricks, don’t expect overnight results. Take baby steps and develop each trick in small increments, give them delicious treats from a good enough distance, give them love, have patience and eventually you’ll have your dog rolling over, giving you high fives and listening to your commands.

If you follow these three steps, you will save a lot of money in the long run, this is because you will not need to pay a trainer to train your dog at an exorbitant cost. Remember to believe in your dog and in yourself.

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