Tips for growing long and healthy natural hair

5 Tips to follow when dealing with natural kinky type 4 textured hair.

The first thing all naturals or about to be naturals need to know on their journey is that, there are no extremely fast methods, tips or tricks that can grow your hair super fast, regardless of what you see online. On top of that, everyone’s hair grows at a certain rate and what you should be focused on is maintaining the length that you have, while encouraging the hair to grow. 

However, patience is key when you’re on your natural hair journey as it does require a bit of maintenance, but with patience the results will be amazing. Your hair will look and feel good giving you a natural boost of confidence. 

Now of course while there aren’t any super growth serum you can use for overnight length, there are practices and products you can use to help accelerate it, but it will still demand a lot of time. So if you do see anything about growing hair super super fast, watch out because it is either a click bait or a scam, which will leave you frustrated if you start to belief in all of that. Get your own dose of patience and your hair journey will be good and undoubtedly yours. 

Two things you should always remember and practice on this journey are:

1. Have a consistent regimen

If your hair is hard or breaking a lot, you probably have a bad regimen or none at all. It is the main reason you’re probably experiencing breakage! A regimen is very important on your hair journey, so keep it consistent, that will ensure growth and length retention.

2. Never compare your hair

Don’t go all in, into someone else’s hair regimen. Try your own products and check what works for you, because everyone has a different hair type. This is very important, because when you go natural the first time, chances are, your curls and hair type will be different, or maybe you thought you had a different curl type from what you are confronted with, because that’s what you’re seeing online. So don’t compare yourself or your hair journey with anyone because you are unique. 

Learn how to love your hair, and love taking care of it. This is the most important thing, because if you don’t like your own hair, you won’t have the patience nor the discipline to keep it healthy and fabulous. When you compare yourself to somebody else, instead of figuring out what is best for you, you will be frustrated because you can’t get the same results with their regimen. 

If you’re a natural hair newbie or you’ve been on this journey for a couple of months or years, here are a few tips to follow to have a successful wash day:


1. Section your Hair

If you want to lessen the stress on your hands and on your strands, section your hair before washing it. It is very important for medium to long hair to keep it from entangling.  If your hair is too short for sectioning, you can skip this part. 

Sectioning your hair will prevent you from having to detangle the same sections over and over again because they will keep getting tangled, leading to massive amount of breakage. Detangling curly hair is particularly stressful! And sectioning looks time consuming however it will actually save a lot of time.


2. Mind the Temperature

When you wash your hair, use warm water because it opens up the cuticles. After you are done washing your hair, rinse it with cool water to close the cuticles. This will seal in the moisture and make sure no dirt gets inside of the cuticles. 

If you don’t know what are the cuticles, they are the outer cell layers of your hair. They overlap each other like scales, strengthening and protecting the shaft. That means if you don’t open the cuticles with warm water, your hair won’t be thoroughly cleaned and it won’t absorb the products, while if you don’t close it with cool water, dirt will get stuck in your hair much faster.


3. Easy on the Shampoo

While shampooing is very important, you don’t need to do it every week! I know it feels weird, but if you shampoo too much, there will be a lot of residue, especially if your kinky hair struggles to retain moisture. Shampoo is good at getting rid of excess buildup and excessive residue out of our hair. If you feel you need to wash it more thoroughly in between, use a cleansing co-wash. A good routine is to co-wash once per week and shampoo on the other.

4. Mix & Match

Brands make their product lines to work in harmony with one another, but you should always try different products from different brands and line to find what works best for you. That is the golden rule to understanding your own hair. 

There are many different kinds of products, either for strengthening, moisturizing. Be sure you chose something that is not too stripping on your hair.


5. Detangling

Whenever you need to detangle, use the best conditioner you can afford. That doesn’t mean the priciest will be better, you still need to test it out, but don’t save on this because the detangling process is one of the most stressful parts of the kinky hair care regimen. 

Look for products with a lot of slip to take out the tangles easily. And don’t use combs! Detangle with your fingers, it is easier and healthier. This method helps you retain length because you feel your hair and detangle one by one, while combing your hair will only take out the whole knot and break your hair. 


6. Deep Conditioning

After conditioning your hair, you will need to deep condition it. Get your favorite deep conditioner and use it in your hair to make moisture penetrate as much as possible, granting a soft, cloudy feel to your hair. This helps to soften your hair and make it more manageable. Rub your deep conditioner in and make a ponytail. Cover it all with a plastic bag and let it soak for an hour. If you need to get it done faster, sit under the dryer for about twenty minutes. It will help to open up the pores and absorb the product faster. Rinse with cool water to seal the moisture in, and you’re good to go!

7. Keep Heat Away

It is always best to avoid heat, so whenever you can, sit down and let the deep conditioner do its thing naturally. Just watch some TV or Netflix. The wait is worth it and the results are amazing!


8. Moisturize

When you style your hair, use a good moisturizer. The whole thing is about helping your hair retain as much moisture as possible since that is what makes the curls soft, healthy and bouncy. Find your favorite leave-in moisturizer!


9. Styling

Before you start whatever style you want, finger part your hair. You don’t need to make all the parts equally perfect, the objective is to minimize breakage. The next tip when styling is to use a good detangling brush, add some water and some conditioner to make it easier and gently start from the bottom and work your way up. Try to keep styling to a minimum if your hair is 100% dry. 

And remember, if you need to do some styling that takes too much time, you can always speed up with minimal heat or do it overnight. There are some styles that will take four days, but not everyone has that time as long as you do not abuse heat, for the most part let your hair air dry whenever you can. 

Follow this regimen and your hair will grow strong and healthy, with popping-soft curls.

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